Monday, March 20, 2006

Montreal's Finest

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check this promo for DJ A-Trak's new DVD, Sunglasses Is A Must. Dude has been representing Canadian scratch DJ's for a long time, and he is still a young man. I was glad to see Kanye West recruit him as his show DJ, cause that was something that Mr. West was lacking in his live performances.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Thank You For The Money

Gotta love this handwritten note from the Sex Pistols (most likely John Lydon) rejecting an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. I am sure if the Pistols got offered some big bucks they would come, remember their comeback tour?

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Nice article on the late great J Dilla from Alternet

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

bushy did a heck of a good job

So more info has come out on the Bush administration's total lack of interest and competence in prevention and preparation for Hurricane Katrina, and specifically the knowledge that the levee's were doomed.

This to me is worst than any botched vote tally in Florida, or the Karl Rove fiasco, or the previous president's under the desk blow job. Sure, it was a natural disaster, but these new videos show that President Bush had knowledge of the depth of the disaster and it's potential. What was done in preparation at the federal level- not much. State officials were understaffed and without power to have any real force in getting people out of New Orleans.

Disgusting work and another dumb ass showing by Dubya. I try to see bright spots in his reign, but they are few.

That is my man Thomas with me on Blackcomb

I was in whistler this past week- I feel like I have not been at home base for a few months. Whistler is funny. Quite the place, I met a lot of locals this week and they are all warm and nice and understand the hugeness of the "resort" side of Whistler. I have a bunch of friends there also. My son also came and it was his first trip west, and his first time flying. He acted like he had been flying for years.

My friend Jeff and I - high on mountain air.

It is funny, lots of drunkeness in the village in Whistler, which is ok I guess. I was walking back from a friends to the hotel after a few beers and watched some of the loogans. I wondered if I ever acted like that. Probably. This is one thing that sort of drives me crazy about Whistler, but everything that sucks about Whistler, the mountain makes up for.