Sunday, February 19, 2006


just got back from Las Vegas - was there for 6 days- way too many days for Vegas.

I was there for work and did a lot of walking around also. I am not much of a gambler so I hardly lost any money.

We interviewed David Copperfield and took in one of his shows. It started off slow but man did he end it amazingly. He basically teleported to a beach in Singapore before our eyes. Hard to explain yes, go see it when he comes to Canada. Which he is doing soon.

I have been to Vegas a bunch of times, all with work. I am not sure if I would pay to go. Place is cool and fun for a weekend, but by Day 5 and 6, I wanted out. I missed my little guy lots, he was started to walk as I left, and six days away from him and my wife is tough. Oh boo hoo, I know but maybe if i was a card player or high roller it would be different.

We were shooting some stories in Vegas for The Hour, and got some stuff, even stuff off the Vegas Strip. I am tired sorry for the poor update and grammer. I am home for day then off to Whistler, the fam is coming with me for this one! woo hoo!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

ahhhh hip hop

Hip Hop music is the target for negativity. People are always on about how it sucks and has lost it lustre. This may be true but those in the hip hop know that radio hip hop is not representative. So on this note I gotta give props to J Dilla, of Detroit, and Slum Village fame. Althought it will not make the headlines, producer/artist Jay Dee passed away this weekend. He was a favorite of mine. Basically what J put out I got. R.I.P J Dilla. He lived soul music. Artist like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Madlib. Dwele, The Roots, and Common owe much to Jay Dee.

On another hip hop note, I was out a a club with friends and they were playing some of the Notorious B.I.G stuff that is like a Duets record. It is so weak, I cannot believe it got released. I am not a P Diddy hater nor fan, but what I have heard of this BIG duets sucks. Bad

Tomorrow is my son's birthday. This is his first year. I cannot believe it. I never would have thought I would be a dad. It is crazy. He is such a great kid. When my wife was preganant I tried to imagine our kid, and the son I have today is not the kid I imagined, and that is what makes him so awesome. Happy Birthday Buzz!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

paul mccartney

I've got nothing against Beatle Paul, but these Fidelity investment television commercials are too much. They are so blantant, when I hear Band On The Run, I think of those damn commercials.

I watched some of the Grammy's tonight. It really has evolved into a series of jam sessions. They pair everybody up, and McCartney was involved in a strange collaboration tonight. He joined Jay-Z and Linkin Park, who recorded a mashup of their records. Jay-z's Black Album was great, but I have not heard the Linkin Park collab record. On one chorus, they changed their chorus to The Beatles, "Yesterday." Out of the shadows comes Beatle Paul.

All I was thinking of was Paul driving around the English countryside blaring Jay-z's, "Can't Knock The Hustle."

Then Christina Aguilera was joined with Herbie Hancock. On the soft parts it was nice but those Christina crazy vocal aerobics overshadowed Herbie.

John Legend won tons and it was much deserved. Get Lifted is a timeless record. I took a camera out one summer day last year and interviewed Legend. He was cool, he loved and understood music. He grew up in church singing.

My favorite part of the Grammy's sadly is when they show all the people involved in music who died the past year. I know it is a weird thing to enjoy, but it shows people young and old connected through music. Bluesman, R.L Burnside died this year he was one of the last true original delta bluesman. I wish R.L recorded more.

Cops and the media are all over the illegal gambling involving some hockey players. It is not right but who is surprised? They named Jeremy Roenick as one of the participates, how come I knew Roenick would be one of the player's named?

Friday, February 03, 2006

see you J!

A few years back the Toronto Raptors where without Vince Carter and a Antonio Davis led Raptor team made the playoffs. I told my wife, if we made the playoffs it is on AD and I would buy an AD jersey. And I did. Well she bought it for me as a gift. Nice eh.

The next year AD turns into a big of a baby and wants out, and is shipped to Chicago for Jalen Rose. I love Jalen, I am a Michigan fan and he was my favorite player amongst the Fab Five team they had in Michigan.

So today the Raptors shipped Jalen to New York for AD. It is a money thing. Funny how this works. AD is back. My jersey is now activated. Only thing is it has a lot of stains from wearing it camping the past two years. Think bleach will get that out?

I think new interim GM Wayne Embry is doing the right stuff, cleaning house for a new GM to step in and start new around Chris Bosh. Recently fired GM Rob Babcock never had a chance. He made some major bad moves and never recovered.

I will continue to pray for the raps. We need a good team in Toronto.

Good Luck Jalen Rose. You will be missed (clutchness) and not missed (15million a year).

Thursday, February 02, 2006

groundhog day !

gotta say happy birthday to my Uncle Paul MacDonald. Happy 50th!

One of my fav people in the world is my Uncle Paul.. He and my uncle Roger were my mom's youngest brothers, and I used to follow them around and loved it when they let a little kid (me) hang out with them.

When I think of my uncle paul when I was growing up, I think of this big guy with cowboy boots and long hair. I also think about this cool tattoo he has of a prize horse with a ribbon around him. I think of his love of music and his records I used to listen to at my grandparents, (the Highwaymen and Springsteen stand out).

Uncle Paul, is married now with three grown up boys now, and is a great father. Sort of the kind I could only hope to be.

Happy Birthday Uncle Paul- now "kiss the rug!"