Tuesday, October 31, 2006

erieau halloween treat

Man - I saw my kids candy from Halloween and was thinking that he got all the same kind of stuff- chocolate bars and chips and maybe those rocket candies. Those are all tasty but predictable.

Not to reminise to much but in the little village I grew up in Erieau ( just west of Point Pelee) a few people got creative. This one older women, who everyone called Aunt Betty would make a ton of candy apples. We look so forward to hitting Aunt Betty's. She ruled.

Her neighbour, was known for his skill at making amazing smoked fish (Erieau is a fishing town), and he would give out smoked fish. Sounds very Trailer Park Boys, but everyone hit him up, some people numerous times. My dad always ate ours.

And if you hit the gold mine of a can of pop, that was the best.


the good, the bad, and the queen

Pretty excited about this.

From wikipedia :
The Good, The Bad and The Queen consists of Albarn, The Clash's bassist Paul Simonon, former Verve member and Blur and Gorillaz guitarist Simon Tong, and Afrobeat pioneer and Africa 70 drummer Tony Allen, intend to release and delete their first single, "Herculean" on 30 October 2006

If this is just a Damon Albarn thing I would not care so much. But Tony Allen and Paul Simonon. That gets me excited. I like the single so so , they lose Allen in the mix a bit, but I have read that they have made an incredible record. We will see.

The Good, The Bad and The Queen Myspace page They have the single on this page.

Monday, October 30, 2006

"war on terror is like a war on lust or love'

that is a quote from Lewis H. Lapham on The Hour

I just watched the pre-tape.

I am shelling for the show I work on. sorry

Saturday, October 28, 2006

the times really are changin

Man, sometimes theatre and Broadway makes me want to become a pack rat and barricade myself in my house, so I do not have to witness them killing every damn cool element in music.

Did Dylan sign of on this? If so did he see it? Has he barricaded himself in his house?

I have a 20 year old boy, so I can deal with the Wiggles and such and over the top singing and acting but Dylan. I am going to steal a line from my dad, "these guys should be shot."

They already did a Brian Wilson/Beach Boys play on Broadway. Bastards, these jukebox musicals drive me crazy, and you know there is many more to come.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

limbaugh is a A-1 prick

Liberal, right-winger or whatever, Rush Limbaugh calling Michael J Fox a faker or acting like he has severe Parkinson's is sad.

Limbaugh proved his desperation in disagreeing with Stem Cell research. Your beliefs are one thing but to cross that line is disrespectful of those who have the disease, and strangely enough I am sure there are a few Americans who have Parkinson's who are Limbaugh listeners.

this is a funny take on Rush, his meds, and Alex P Keaton

Here is also a rebuttal ad, with the mom from Everyone Loves Raymond and some NFLers

Monday, October 23, 2006

Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia

This movie The Curse of the Golden Flower looks amazing. Another beauty from Yimou Zhang (Hero, House of Flying Daggers) I am sure, and Chow Yun-Fat is in the movie with a full grey beard. Gong Li is also in it, probably playing the usually sullen women in Yimou's flicks.

I heard that Yimou did a lot of research into martial arts styles and uncovered some real ancient techniques. He also is known for his elaborate sets. I am sure it will be beautiful looking.

Also Jeff Skilling of Enron infamy was sentenced to 24

Friday, October 20, 2006

yes yes brazil

The best new J5, The Roots and Black Eyed Peas track of the year (out of all their new albums) is "Yes, Yes Y'all" on the Sergio Mendes album.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


My man harrrper in the fall.

go back to the drawing board

I will be 77 when the Conservative's cut the Greenhouse emissions by 45%.
Thanks for nothing.

Emissions goal decades away
Proposed law makes no mention of Kyoto Protocol
Oct. 19, 2006. 11:22 AM

OTTAWA — The Conservatives released the centrepiece of their "made-in-Canada" environment agenda Thursday — a Clean Air Act that would cut greenhouse gas emissions in half, but not until 2050.

The bill, aimed at dispelling the notion that Tories are soft on the environment, sets no short-term targets for cutting greenhouse emissions. In the long term, it says the government will seek to cut emissions by 45 to 65 per cent by 2050.

In the interim, the government will set so-called "intensity targets" which would require industry to reduce the amount of energy used per unit of production, without placing a hard cap on emissions.

Regulations for large polluters would begin in 2010 and the government is giving itself until 2020 to set national emissions-cutting targets for the pollutants that cause smog.

The proposed law, which is certain to get a rough ride from opposition parties who say it's far too weak, makes no reference to the Kyoto Protocol even though Canada remains a party to the treaty.

In the coming year, the government will introduce regulations to reduce emissions from motorcycles, outboard engines, all-terrain vehicles and off-road diesel engines. Officials were unable to say what proportion of Canada's emissions come from those sources, or by how much they will be reduced.

The intention will be to synchronize Canadian regulations with those of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. New rules for the fuel efficiency of cars and trucks will be established by 2010.

On the sensitive issue of targets for large industrial emitters, the government is moving cautiously, with a three-phase consultation process in coming years.

The previous government already held three years of consultations on regulation of large emitters, which account for about half of Canada's greenhouse pollution.

The Clean Air Act will transfer a number of substances that were previously defined as toxic under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act to a new category labelled "air pollutants."

Critics say this shift is almost certain to result in a constitutional challenge. The wording used in the act had been tested before the Supreme Court, while the new wording has not been tested.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

old school

The Hour won a couple Gemini's which is cool. Congrats to George for best host, he works hard that man.

VH1 Hip Hop Honors (spelling) is on MuchMusic - I like this even if it is old school dudes. Mixmaster Mike is cutting up the Beastie Boys right now. I like Mike.

I was listening to some Big Daddy Kane on my way to work yesterday, and realized, the dude never cursed when he rapped. Who made cursing so popular. I am thinking it was N.W.A , although you could dig deeper, they made it popular.

Man, the Beastie are doing Whatcha Want. I like this song. MCA has a lot of grey hair.

This honors stuff kills me , I remember saying to friends, what is it going to be like when LL Cool J is old? They can't keep rhyming. Well I guess they can. (although LL is not really that old) .

I watched the BBC Office and died from laughter and pain. The NBC version is very different, but I am enjoying it equally. I am not sure if anyone saw the episode where Angela made Dwight a bobblehead. Well I bought one in NYC- Dwight is amazing he even has his own blog

Monday, October 16, 2006

sort of scary

Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden was on the Hour today - I just watched the pre-tape. The guy is a first officer for Astraeus airline. The dude has a legit day job outside of singing for Metal heroes Iron Maiden.

What is next?

Ozzy Osbourne a heart surgeon? Blackie Lawless drives an ambulance in Los Angeles? Alice Cooper is good at golf?

Actually, Dickinson is pretty together for a metal frontman, he was also at one time the 7th best fencer in England.

enough of my useless trivia.................

taking hip hop lyrics to a new level

Nas rhymes that "sleep is the cousin of death". (in NY State Of Mind, from his debut, Illmatic)

But I am tired today and I would love to sleep.

Could be that I played road hockey for 3 hours with a bunch of 10 year olds yesterday. I realized that I am 23 year older than them this morning when my back was aching.

But to continue my hip hop is life BS.....

Slum Village rhymed that "if you sleep you don't eat".

And right now I am hungry.

I guess this basically means that I am "not hip hop" because I like to sleep.

anyways - I am in blog idiot mode. I was thinking of Nas after reading this Fader Magazine review of his new album.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

only one kid?

So Madonna adopted a young boy from Malawi. I think it is good these super celebs are helping out people, but is adopting this kid, really helping him?

Welcome young boy to your new mommy being chased by cameras. I guess this is better than starvation. I just worry that celebs adopting one child in a continent were millions of children need help, will overshadow.

I am listening to the new K-os record. I cannot explain but for some reason I did not think i would like it, but I am digging it. Dude has a deep understanding of music and has really placed himself into a spot that he can crossover all elements of music. This is the sort of the solo record Andre 3000 should have made.

He is passed Hip Hop giving a shit about him. They complain about Jay-Z making his comeback. I am sure it is only time before he gets a hit on North American record, he has that potential.

Week one of The Hour is almost finished. If every week is like this , they may need to clone the whole crew who work on show.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

and no one even mentions.....

Maybe you might want to look at your constitution?

Bush plans conference on school violence
October 3, 2006

RENO, Nevada (AP) -- The Bush administration, alarmed by recent attacks at public schools across the country, is bringing education and law enforcement experts together for a conference on coming to grips with the problem.

The goal would be to discuss the nature of the problem and federal action that can help communities prevent violence and deal with its aftermath, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said as President Bush made a campaign tour here Monday.

Three schools have been hit by deadly attacks in the past week. A gunman killed himself and five girls Monday at a one-room Amish schoolhouse in Pennsylvania; on Friday a 15-year-old Wisconsin student shot and killed his principal; and last Wednesday a man took six girls hostage in Colorado, sexually assaulting them before fatally shooting one girl and killing himself.

"The president is deeply saddened and troubled by the recent school violence and shootings that have taken place in different communities across America," Perino said. "It breaks America's collective heart when innocent children who are at school to learn are violently taken hostage and cut down in their own schools."

Perino said the conference was still in the planning stages, so a specific date, location and other details were not ready to be announced. It was not clear whether President Bush would attend.

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Bush's domestic policy adviser, Karl Zinsmeister, met Monday at the White House to discuss the conference. They met while the president was on a cross-country flight to begin a three-day fundraising trip for Republican candidates in the midterm election.

Perino said participants on the education side would include groups like the National Parent Teacher Association, school principals and teachers' unions. The Federal Bureau of Investigations would be among those representing law enforcement, she said.

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