Tuesday, January 31, 2006

dead sixties

Today, Martin Luther King's wife Coretta died. I am sure she had some good stories. I was thinking if MLK , the Kennedy brothers and some of the other 60's figures had not passed it would have been interesting to see how different the world would be with their influences.

Watch a bit of Dubya's State of the Union with my brother. My bro said that he cannot stand any of the "friends". I asked him, "What the hell are you talking about?" He told me the "friends", Con delee zza (her name works with spaces) Rice, Chaney and Dubya. Killed me, but he was right they are tight and sort of smug all at the same time.

I am watching Rap City's Top Hip Hop of 2005 right now - how can "The Corner" by Common only be number 11? Dead Poets kill it-

The corner was our Rock of Gibraltar, our Stonehenge
Our Taj Mahal, our monument
Our testimonial to freedom, to peace, and to love
Down on the corner.

Monday, January 30, 2006

one of my fav ads of all time....

my friend sent me this about a year or so ago. I lost the link but came across it on the incredible yourtube site. makes me laugh watching it. when I used to play basketball in school we always joke about playing without our shorts. not sure why we thought this was so funny but it kills me thinking about it. That ad is above.

Monday, January 23, 2006

well as predicted.....

we got a new PM - I like the a minority gov't anytime- make them work together.

sort of exciting for a while there. yeah. um yeah.

The most interesting part was watching the NDP waiting for the final outcome on their opposition status. And the shots of the Paul Martin "playing cards" photo op. What was that? And where the hell was Stephen Harper. In a bunker?

Actually the Liberals did better than I had expected. Don't know what is going to happen to Mr. Martin. I got a feeling we will see him battling in Parliament.

I'm Voting For Doctor Reece....

Well it is election day in Canada, I am at home with a sick little boy. Maybe he has the real election fever. I am doing the morning shift with my little guy and then off to work and election mayhem.

The Doctor Reece reference above kills me. When I was younger whether it was any election at all; federal, municipal or whatever, my grandma and her friends all wanted to vote for their smalltown doctor, Dr. Reece. Thing was Dr. Reece never ran for any election that I know of.

I wish I could vote for Doctor Reece this election, cause I am just not feeling anyone. When I mention this to people they always say, "Vote Green Party", like they are the choice when you have no choice. I just don't work that way.

So at 9:00 am Toronto time I do not know who I am voting for. And anyway I am in Jack Layton's riding and he has it wrapped up, I might as well vote for Dr. Reece.

Friday, January 20, 2006

chris bosh

Chris Bosh is turning out to be a player.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


won't be updating this week- The Hour's Panel Van segment is on the road- we are in Halifax first of week and calgary the end of the week.

I did a google of panel van and the hour - and saw the typical "your tax dollars at work". The panel van is so cheap to do, it is funny. And it serves a purpose it get the people on the air talking, not the usual pundits. Is that not what cbc tax dollars should accomplish. It is also fun to edit, but damn cold to shoot.

If you are Halifax (mon Jan 9 and Tues Jan 10) or Calgary (Fri Jan 14) and Canmore and Lake Louise (Sat, Jan 15) - keep you peeps out for us and get in the van! It may look creepy but it is not.

BTW -That is not the real panel van. In fact on the road we will be using a "stunt double" of the original.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bill O'Reilly on Letterman


gotta check this interview- nice to see Dave get his juices flowing. to me he phones it in a lot during interviews, so to see him thinking and bringing that to his show is refreshing. He said, "honest to christ" too.

But Bill O'Reilly is a wiping boy. He should get into the WWE he would be the ideal bad guy. He gets so booed on these talk shows.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

No, Thank You Martha!

yes, I am aware she is a martha impersonator. she sort of looks more like Owen Wilson.

Martha Stewart has shot these ads that thanks all her friends (and that means you at home) for supporting her in tough times. These tough times being her recent prison stint. Too funny.

I was thinking what if all people who "did time" and technically Martha "did time" created one of these ads. What might they be like?

Would Saddam Hussein request a stylist or at least a haircut for his ad. He is doing crazy so good these days.

What ever happend to the Saddam standing tall with the rifle. He was still doing crazy but with dignity.

Check this - the place I got the Martha Lookalikes has more lookalikes

This is the American Idol Judges. That dude in the middle is going to split soon I know it. He has Jack Black way down. He is in fact Jack Black playing Simon Cowell. The Randy (i think that is his name) the producer but noones knows who he produced, is more on the Young MC tip.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

dead rappers

not sure if this is funny or sort of sad

Go Vote-


"smoke crack got his job back!"

Ex-D.C. Mayor Barry Unharmed in Robbery
Jan 3rd - 9:09am

WASHINGTON -- Marion Barry says his life flashed before his eyes as he stared at the barrel of a pistol during a robbery in his home Monday night.

The former mayor and current D.C. council member was robbed at gunpoint at his apartment by some kids who had helped him carry his groceries.

He says young people often beg for money by his Southeast home, and he typically lets them earn it by carrying groceries. He says he feels hurt and betrayed by the teenage boys who knew who he was and called him "B" during the robbery.

Barry, 69, served four terms as mayor. In his third term, he was videotaped in 1990 in a hotel room smoking crack cocaine in an FBI sting. The following year, he served a six-month prison sentence.

He is awaiting sentencing later this month in federal court on his guilty plea to two misdemeanor counts stemming from his failure to file income tax returns in 2000.

Barry vows not to move from his home in Ward Eight, which he represents in the council. But he says he will push for tougher gun control laws.

Police recovered Barry's wallet, credit card and license. Police asked Barry not to say how much cash was taken.

(Copyright 2005 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

happy new year..................

Happy New Year! My new years was pretty tame which was a change. My resolution is to update this blog - I fell off large.

As i write i am watching Al Gore TV -well CurrentTV and they are doing a story on food in Vietnam and how they are avoiding chicken as a result of the avian flu- they are showing someone seasoning dog meat. I cannot imagine how my dog Harper would taste.

My new thing for 2006 and the last week of Dec has been listening to all kinds of comedy on the Ipod before I pass out in bed. I used to read before and that would last 5 minutes before I would wake up at 4am with my face in the book.

Here are a few of my fav comedy listens as of late......

1.The Ricky Gervais Podcast
So awesome- if you do not know who Karl Pilkington is- you should. Never has such a weird thinker made it to the airwaves. Gervais and Steve Merchant are also pretty funny - they created BBC's The Office. Pilkington is their crazy producer.

2.Mitch Hedberg-Mitch All Together
Late great and much copied as of late, Minnesota comic who had some awesome Letterman appearances (that is where I first saw him). His comedy might take a few listens. I have played it for some friend who look at me like WTF? This is funny? But after a couple goes- you get used to Mitch's delivery and crazy mind at work. I could have used more Mitch- RIP!
One of my fav Mitch lines
"I haven't slept for ten days, because that would be too long."

3.Chris Rock-Bigger and Blacker
A polished Rock's 1999 record starts with his take on "crazy white kids" after the Columbine incident. Brillant and timely material. Hope he gives up the Oscar host spot, that is not the place for him in my mind.

4.Richard Pyror- Live On Sunset Strip
The audio version of his famous stand up film. Another dead guy, why do the greats go so young. This is a gem for sure, the Africa bit is standout.

Anyway - The Zapitista leader Subcommandte Marcos and his balaclava are on a tour in Mexico to get the left in order before a Mexican election. Things are changing in South America (see Bolivia), and Marcos is using his profile and his motorcycle to tour Mexico for six months and talk with it's poor.

The launch of the tour coincided with the 12th anniversary of the New Year's Day uprising that put the ragtag indigenous Zapatista Army of National Liberation and their verbally stylish non-indigenous leader on the world map.

Keep your eyes on this - it may flare up as a July presidential campaign is due in Mexico. That seems to be Marcos goal to stir the pot.