Wednesday, January 31, 2007

stephen harper believes in the urgency of changing his tunes for votes .

Harper: Global warming requires action

Embattled PM says he now accepts need for climate-change action

Jan 31, 2007 03:47 PM
Canadian Press
OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper, under fire for past comments questioning climate change, said today he believes in the urgency of combatting global warming.

The prime minister also said today that he supports calls for a world conference on the issue and would attend such a meeting.

"We all recognize this is a serious environmental problem that needs immediate action," Harper told the House of Commons.

"Canada's decision to do nothing over the past decade was a mistake and we want to do better."

Harper made the comment after getting pummelled by his opponents over a 2002 letter in which he questioned the science of climate change and called the Kyoto accord a money-sucking socialist plot.

Harper also vowed in the letter to fight Liberal efforts to ratify Kyoto, which calls for cuts to greenhouse gases.

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion said Canada is unfortunate to have a ``climate-change denier" as a prime minister.

Liberals said that for all his talk about climate change today, the 2002 letter unmasks Harper's true opinion.

"Will he admit that this new environmental facade is just an attempt to mislead the Canadian people?" Dion asked.

One by one, Liberal MPs stood in the Commons to ask Harper what he really believes about Kyoto.

"Was the prime minister misleading Canadians then or is he misleading them now?" they asked.

Harper ignored each question, leaving it to Environment Minister John Baird to do battle.

Baird shot back with past quotes by Liberal MPs criticizing Kyoto. He also said he wished the Liberals had cut greenhouse gases while in office.

Some Tory MPs concurred when asked today about the opinions Harper espoused in 2002.

"I hear it's a dog," Tory caucus whip Jay Hill said when asked about the Kyoto accord.

Saskatchewan MP Andrew Scheer also downplayed the importance of the accord.

"The Kyoto accord itself doesn't do a whole lot – as we've seen with the Liberal record – to reduce greenhouse gases," Scheer said.

"(It's) a trading system, a transfer of wealth from one part of the world to another."

But Scheer and many other Conservatives said they agree that greenhouse gases contribute to global warming and said their party is serious about tackling the problem.

"I was (always) in favour of reducing greenhouse gases but I had serious reservations about the effectiveness of Kyoto because many of the largest polluters decided not to sign on," said multiculturalism minister Jason Kenney.

The Conservatives announced in the last election campaign that they considered Kyoto's greenhouse gas-reduction targets unattainable.

But with the environment now becoming an increasingly hot political issue, they avoid criticizing Kyoto and say they want to reverse the damage done under the Liberals.

Canada's emission levels have risen 27 per cent since 1990, while the accord calls for a six per cent cut by 2012.

Harper used that statistic to poke fun at Dion – who has named his dog Kyoto. He said the Liberal leader is in denial about his own party's track record.

"I suggest he should rename that dog for all his various denials," Harper said.

"Perhaps he could call the dog Clean Air, or perhaps he could call it Fiscal Imbalance. Or maybe he could even call his dog The Sponsorship Scandal."

Friday, January 26, 2007

van hurtsme


So Van Halen is getting back together for a tour with David Lee Roth.

First thing. I will believe it when I see it.

Second. When I was eleven, this was my band. I loved the idea of the guitar super hero in Eddie Van Halen. Loved them. I out grew them a bit, but until I was 19, would have loved for them to get back with Diamond Dave. Instead they had success, and a lot of cheese with Sammy Hagar, and I will not even talk about Gary Cherone wiggling his butt on stage with the band.
I am not that excited now, just wondering why it took them so long.

Third. I will believe it when I see it.

Fourth. If it happens I may go see it.

Monday, January 22, 2007

snurfin' usa

I am on route from Sundance to home. Right now in Denver waiting for a transfer flight . Flying knocks the shit out of me. I think it is the canned air in the vessel.

Sundance was fun, but i was more interested in hitting the mountains with my snowboard, than watching films when I had some down time. I can watch movies in Toronto, I cannot hit mountains in Toronto.

The more I get on a mountain, the more I feel the need to move close to them.

Anyway here is an article about snowboarding, and the sport's success story.
Snurfin to Snowboarding

I also had a friend who lives in Whistler, tell me about another great snowboarding movie that is out celebrating the life of the late pro Craig Kelly. Kelly was an innovator and trendsetter who died in an avalanche in BC a few years back on this day .
The movie is called Let It Ride

The sport would not be what it is today without Kelly.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

rage is back

Pretty crazy - I saw the Rage with Chris Cornell at the airport this summer and they were fighting - did not look good. these dudes are better together anyway. I am not a huge fan. but Bulls On Parade is a killer song.

Rage, Bjork, Arcade Fire to Play Coachella
Also: Interpol, Decemberists, Arctic Monkeys, Sonic Youth, Air, Roots

OK folks, stay calm. CALM LIKE A BOMB that is, because the only rap-rock band we actually remember (somewhat) fondly is back. That's right, as reported by the Los Angeles Times and confirmed by the festival's organizers, Rage Against the Machine will come out of retirement to play the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, taking place April 27-29 at Empire Polo Field in Indio, California.

Rage will headline the festival's final night, April 29, while Björk will headline on Friday, April 27 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Saturday, April 28. (Ugh Why do the Red Hot Chili Peppers always have to come around and ruin these sorts of things?)

Other awesome artists confirmed to play Coachella: the Arcade Fire, Interpol, Willie Nelson, the Roots, Manu Chao, the Decemberists, Arctic Monkeys, Sonic Youth, and Air. Other debatably awesome artists confirmed to play Coachella: Crowded House, Tiësto, and Kings of Leon.

And although the festival hasn't officially announced it yet, !!!, LCD Soundsystem, and Lupe Fiasco are also playing Coachella, as we've gathered from previous news storie

Friday, January 19, 2007


I have been on the road a bunch lately. I am blogging from Park City, Utah at The Sundance Film Festival. We are here to shoot some interviews with those actors, who play parts in those films, that makeup Sundance.

I think as I write this the road is catching up to me, or it could be the elevation in Utah. I am feeling like shit. My co-worker and host of the show, George is at a screening for a movie called An American Crime. From IMDB, -The true story of suburban housewife Gertrude Baniszewski, who kept a teenage girl locked in the basement of her Indiana home during the 1960s.

It stars young Canadian actress Ellen Page. We talked to her and Steve Buscemi earlier today. She was really bright in the interview, certainly wiser than her age. I wish we had more time with Buscemi, because he was just warming up , when we had to wrap.

I am suppose to head out to a party with a crew after the movie, but I am torn. I am so beat, but as they say when in Rome. I will dance with this in my head til I hear from them. I am easily persuaded. But we are not starting til the lunch tomorrow so if i get some zzz's a big mountain awaits for some morning runs. That is my snowboard dying to get wet.

I am also hoping after some shooting tomorrow to hit a few screenings- I am really keen on a documentary here about Joe Strummer, untitled, The Future Is Unwritten, it is by Julien Temple, who is great.
Strummer film to premiere at Sundance

I wish I had a week here and no work, there is so many great films to see. At least it will give me a head start on what I need to see this year. I really would have like to have seen a lot of the shorts that are shown here also.

I am not blogging much, and I am too tired to write most times, so I thought I would post a link to The Hour's (that is the above mentioned show) blog, they post cool stuff.
CBC The Hour's Blog

Friday, January 12, 2007


I am writing this from New York in my hotel room. Here shooting for the show. Shot an interview with Def Jam/Phat Farm/Big Wig/Rich Guy, Russell Simmons today, and tomorrow shooting with character actor, James Cromwell (imdb him- he has made so many movies) .

Russell was funny. You see why he is successul, the dude is full of energy and crazy busy.

I like coming to New York, I do a lot of walking in this city. Usually we have a place to be. But in some down time, I usually will cover some ground with the head phones on, like I used to in Toronto.

I cruised by HBO offices earlier today and thought about The Soprano's, got back to the hotel, checked the internet machine to find out that HBO is rolling out 9 final episodes come April. I am excited for this.

We are off to the Sundance Film Fest next week- shoud be an experience. Snow, theatres and celebs.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

"the world you know"

This makes sense. Hip Hop is now selling cars.

King of New York is now the King of Cars- hip hop fans are definately more critical of hip hop artist's. I think it is we just expect more. But for me, I expect this stuff from Jay-Z. It is def material for someone to write some good diss lines about Mr. Beyonce.

GM, Jay-Z Collaborate on SUV Concept

Associated Press Writer
DETROIT (AP) -- Jay-Z and General Motors are teaming up to bring a stylish hue to a rugged sport utility vehicle. The music mogul emerged from a concept GMC Yukon Denali SUV on stage Saturday during a celebrity-filled party thrown by General Motors Corp. on the eve of media previews for the North American International Auto Show.

Painted "Jay-Z Blue," the SUV was developed through a partnership with the rapper during the past two years. Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, worked with the company's global color studio to create the reflective blue color for the SUV.

"Hopefully I'll be able to drive one of them out of here tonight," he said.

The world's No. 1 automaker invited several celebrities to escort new vehicles down a brightly lit catwalk inside a massive tent along the Detroit River. Posing with the vehicles were Carmen Electra, Jennifer Hudson, Vivica A. Fox, Rosie Perez, Christian Slater, Mario Lopez and Nick Lachey.

When it comes to a first car, the celebrities said they had humble beginnings.

Perez, who helped model a gold Pontiac Solstice Club Sport, said she bought her first car, a Datsun B210, from a college classmate who "had a terrible cocaine and crack habit. She's was just like `I need money' and I said, `Give me your car - $150.'"

Apparently Hollywood has been good to Perez, who said she now drives a Volvo and a Range Rover.

Lachey, who gained fame as a member of boy band 98 Degrees, said his first car growing up in Cincinnati was a 1981 Toyota Corolla hatchback "full of rust." He now has a car and a truck - brands not disclosed.

"I'm lucky to have a little of both worlds and do whatever you feel like driving that day," Lachey said.

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Saturday, January 06, 2007


off Nas's "Hip Hop is Dead" album.

Rap music is weird. All these artists who started the thing, and where are they now?
At least with rock and roll they go into making music for films. producing or something. Where are some of these artists?
I like the ghost town line.

Sort of sucks that all these legends are not being heard from, except Flavour Flav. And is he really representing hip hop?

Redhead Kingpin, Tim Dog, have you seen 'em?
Kwame, King Tee or King Sun
Super Lover Cee, Casanova Rud
Antoinette, Rob Base never showin up
You see Black Sheep, Group Home, Busy Bee?
Ask Ill and Al Skratch, (Where My Homiiies?)
Leave it to y'all, these niggaz left for dead
Last week my man swore he saw Special Ed
Rap is like a ghost town, real mystic
Like these folks never existed
They the reason that rap became addictive
Play they CD or wax and get lifted
I recommend when your kid turn ten
Let him hear Spice 1, made plenty noise
.. Positive K, Father MC, the Skinny Boys
Where are they now?

(HEY!! Where are, where are they nooooooow, huuuhhhhhooohhhh HEY!)
Where are they now?
(HEY! Hit me! Where are they nooooooow?)
("HIT MEH!!")

See I remember them forever
The original Spinderella
Lakim Shabazz, 9 MM
Fu-Schnickens, Buckshot, Finesse, and Sequence
..Who was a (Rappin' Duke?) Da-ha!
Silk tie and leather was cute
Body and soul was Dee from Pump It Up's group
Oaktown 357, J.J. Fad too
had pop hits and gold ropes
Where my man Young MC and Tone Loc?
Kris Kross, the BO$$, Divine Styler
Def Jef of course let's break it down ta
Mic Geronimo, Pharcyde and Coolio
I heard Craig Mack back in the studio
Have you seen these lost MC's?
Funky Four Plus One, Force M.D.'s
Miss Melody, I hope she packin' a bankroll
As well as educated rap for ice and Kangol
Shante, she from around my way yo
EPMD, K-Solo, where are they now?

(HEY!! Where are, where are they nooooooow, huuuhhhhhooohhhh HEY!)
Where are they now?
(HEY! Hit me! Where are they nooooooow?)
("HIT MEH!!")

[Nas - Outro]
First off this ain't no diss record
This for some of my homies that were misrepresented...
Legends of the game, y'know?
What up to Moe Dee the legend? Rest in peace Cowboy!
Yeah, all the rappers...male, female, DJ's, e'rybody!
Rest in peace Jam-Master Jay, the whole crew, word up...
Juice Crew All-Stars, MC Shan, Tragedy, Craig G...
Yeah nigga, yeah nigga...
Shan whaddup baby?
Where are they now?

mac came thru

Finally - got a new computer - mac replaced my lemon for a brand new unit. i like the built in cam.

I will now start updating this thing.