Monday, June 26, 2006


well the Toronto Raptors have the first pick in the NBA draft this Wednesday. I am pretty excited, as are many other Raps fans. I cannot get enough news on who we will pick or what we will do. But one thing that is ticking me off, is the talk of "soon to be superstar", Adam Morrison's and the fact that he had diabetes.

I read a few Canadian publications this morning mentioning his diabetes and that it may scare off some teams. Such bullshit!

This kid has been balling for probably 10 years with no problems and he has a deep understanding of his body and when he needs insulin or sugar. There were times when he was giving himself shots at timeouts in college. Sure if health is involved teams should look into it, but I am sure Adam's diabetes is a blip on his overall standings as a player, and for the media to state that it could scare off teams to me is not truthful and grasping at straws.

Basketball media is a bit bent these days, with sites like Hoopshype and RealGM, all over ever rumour and such, so for reporters to actually feel that Adam has a downside because of diabetes is scary to me.

I am not sure who the Raps will pick but if Adam is the guy, I will be happy.

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