Tuesday, November 07, 2006

go back!

Dear NBA Commisioner David Stern,

The future of your league is not happy with the new synthetic basketball you have introduced this season. Take the high road and go back to the leather ball, that we and all the professionals have been playing with for years. King James has spoken.

A fan.

LeBron Thinks He'll Never Get Accustomed To The New Ball
7th November, 2006 - 7:59 am
News-Herald - Count LeBron James as one player who hasn't stopped voicing objections regarding the NBA's new composite basketball.

"I don't think I ever will," he replied when asked if he'll ever become accustomed to it. "It's not a good basketball, in my opinion. You've been so used to playing with a leather ball for the last three years. It feels like a basketball you buy for your kids at Christmas, or something.

"If you want to change something, make our shorts shorter or our jerseys smaller and tell us how to wear wristbands," he said. "You change the dress code.

"The one thing we care about is the basketball. I don't understand why would you change the one thing we agree and care about. When you change the thing we play with at every single game and in every practice, that we were comfortable with, it doesn't make sense to me at all." [READ]


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