Monday, March 05, 2007

jamaica to toronto

This is a compilation of songs of soul and reggae artists who were involved in a vibrant music scene in the 70's in Toronto.

I am not sure how many people have talked to me about the Toronto via West Indies musicians who called Canada home. A few late night cab drivers have mentioned it to me, including one incredibly informed driver, who I wish I would have gotten his name from.

I was in Scarbourough today and hit one of those industrial buildings that house all kinds of businesses to Henry's Records.

I found myself being very jealous of Henry, and the fact that he gets to listen to great records all day. You could tell he loves it. I am working on a story for The Hour about this. The compilation came out in 2006. They are also working on a documentary about it. Better late than never.

Jamaica To Toronto - Light In The Attic

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Anonymous said...

The Jamaica To Toronto concert at Lee's Palace on March 2nd was recorded by CBC Radio and will be on an upcoming broadcast of the new Radio 2 performance show called "Canada Live"