Wednesday, April 04, 2007

transit storm

A photo from Nick Mccabe of one of the many dogs at The Elephant Sanctuary In Howenwald, Tennessee.

I feel like I am contanstly in transit. I am not complaining.

Cars, Planes, subway trains. The brutal and pissy Queen Street Car.

This morning on the train I thought my knees where going to buckle, with the amount of people. I am complaining.

I am grateful for the Ipod playlist.

Here is my recent plane playlist. I was going to Tennesse, then to NYC back to Toronto. I also find Boards of Canada - Music Has A Right To The Children, as good for onboard listening anytime.

1.808 State- Pacific State (Massey's Conga Mix)
2.4Hero- Spirits In Transition
3.Air- Playground Love
4.Alex Cortiz-Funkalicious (btw- i hate this title, but a good takeoff song)
5.Aphex Twin- Window Licker (X-Rated Run Jeremy Mix)
6.Astrud Gilberto- The Gentle Rain (RJD2 Mix)
7.The Avalanches - Electricity
8.Chromeo- Needy Girl (Paper Faces Remix)
9.Cinematic Orchestra-Evolutions (Blow Yards Mix)
10. Dj Vadim- Themes From Conquest Of The Irrational (Prunes Remix)
11.Gang Starr- DJ Premier in Deep Concentration
12.U2-Electrical Storm

I also find this suitable for those airplane half sleeps.

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