Monday, May 07, 2007

fainting goats

A story we did recently in Marshall County, Tennessee on Fainting Goats. They were pretty wild, but the farmer says he has never seen one hurt, and they have a guard dog with them to protect them.

Some people were disturbed by the cat at the beginning of the item. I was at first also, he looked like a snail crawling towards us. But he rubbed up like a nice cat, but with useless hind legs. He followed us everywhere. And he was a pretty happy little guy. The farmer said he was recently hit by a car, and should have died, but just kept at it. In the city, you would probably take him to the vet, but on a farm, a cat is pretty low on the animal totem pole.

If he was not the cutest thing and so playful, I probably would not have included him. But he earned a role, when I look down and he was at my feet while shooting camera and he was using me as a rubbing pole.

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