Wednesday, September 26, 2007


September for me is usually like the "real beginning of a new year". Things start in September. I am usually amped in Sept. Not this one. My mind is a bit soft and gushy (ha!). I got a new lil man in the house, except he in not in the house, he is in the hospital. He is suppose to be coming home in 2 days!

I am not going to go postal, but I get it. I found myself this morning, after parking at the hospital giving a meter maid the dirtiest look. He had to have felt the, "eff you", I was sending him. I was 2 minutes late the day before and they ticketed me. Plus $2 get you like 20 minutes on a meter!!!!

I thought about the people who have a loved one in the hospital who have to drive and park and are maybe on a tight budget
(who isn't?). That made me shoot the look. Am I getting old for bitching about this, or just old for visiting a hospital.

Plus, Nate grew another head as you can see above. Now he thinks he is twice as smart as me.

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