Friday, May 05, 2006

Cloud Watch

another algonquin shot from my friend Matt- such a beautiful place- It used to be more touristy (is that a word?) up there. I have a hard time believing that. The gov't that decided to scale back development and logging in the area did good. I found this
"ALGONQUIN, established in 1893, was the first Canadian provincial park established to protect a natural environment. The idea for such a park was conceived in 1885 by an Irish immigrant, Alexander Kirkwood. As a clerk of the Crown Lands Department, he had become concerned about the destruction of the northern forests and wildlife and was impressed by the new NATIONAL PARKS at Yellowstone in the US and BANFF in the Canadian Rockies."

I also read that Rondeau Park was the second provincial park created in Ontario. That is cool, I grew up real close to it and spent lots of time there.

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