Friday, May 26, 2006

head burst-downtime

long time no blog. I am bad at this. I think George Stroumboulopoulos has got a link to me at his site - it has not launched yet but when it does I guess I better update this thing because someone may actually hit it.

as i am writing this it is early am and I am listening to some George Benson guitar jazz. I like a lot of jazz, but not much guitar oriented stuff - I need horns or Bill Evans piano. But Benson chills my bones instantly, especially after a crazy week. If you want to chill, I highly recommend some mellow Benson (he also gets funky sometimes) .

If you wanna get out of that daze that Benson puts you in - hit up some Cannonball Adderley- I recommend Cannonball Plays Zawinul- uptempo craziness.

Anyhow - back to Benson.

The show I work at The Hour has a new website - click my title above (head burt-downtime) to get to it.

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