Sunday, January 08, 2006


won't be updating this week- The Hour's Panel Van segment is on the road- we are in Halifax first of week and calgary the end of the week.

I did a google of panel van and the hour - and saw the typical "your tax dollars at work". The panel van is so cheap to do, it is funny. And it serves a purpose it get the people on the air talking, not the usual pundits. Is that not what cbc tax dollars should accomplish. It is also fun to edit, but damn cold to shoot.

If you are Halifax (mon Jan 9 and Tues Jan 10) or Calgary (Fri Jan 14) and Canmore and Lake Louise (Sat, Jan 15) - keep you peeps out for us and get in the van! It may look creepy but it is not.

BTW -That is not the real panel van. In fact on the road we will be using a "stunt double" of the original.

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