Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm Voting For Doctor Reece....

Well it is election day in Canada, I am at home with a sick little boy. Maybe he has the real election fever. I am doing the morning shift with my little guy and then off to work and election mayhem.

The Doctor Reece reference above kills me. When I was younger whether it was any election at all; federal, municipal or whatever, my grandma and her friends all wanted to vote for their smalltown doctor, Dr. Reece. Thing was Dr. Reece never ran for any election that I know of.

I wish I could vote for Doctor Reece this election, cause I am just not feeling anyone. When I mention this to people they always say, "Vote Green Party", like they are the choice when you have no choice. I just don't work that way.

So at 9:00 am Toronto time I do not know who I am voting for. And anyway I am in Jack Layton's riding and he has it wrapped up, I might as well vote for Dr. Reece.

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