Tuesday, January 03, 2006

happy new year..................

Happy New Year! My new years was pretty tame which was a change. My resolution is to update this blog - I fell off large.

As i write i am watching Al Gore TV -well CurrentTV and they are doing a story on food in Vietnam and how they are avoiding chicken as a result of the avian flu- they are showing someone seasoning dog meat. I cannot imagine how my dog Harper would taste.

My new thing for 2006 and the last week of Dec has been listening to all kinds of comedy on the Ipod before I pass out in bed. I used to read before and that would last 5 minutes before I would wake up at 4am with my face in the book.

Here are a few of my fav comedy listens as of late......

1.The Ricky Gervais Podcast
So awesome- if you do not know who Karl Pilkington is- you should. Never has such a weird thinker made it to the airwaves. Gervais and Steve Merchant are also pretty funny - they created BBC's The Office. Pilkington is their crazy producer.

2.Mitch Hedberg-Mitch All Together
Late great and much copied as of late, Minnesota comic who had some awesome Letterman appearances (that is where I first saw him). His comedy might take a few listens. I have played it for some friend who look at me like WTF? This is funny? But after a couple goes- you get used to Mitch's delivery and crazy mind at work. I could have used more Mitch- RIP!
One of my fav Mitch lines
"I haven't slept for ten days, because that would be too long."

3.Chris Rock-Bigger and Blacker
A polished Rock's 1999 record starts with his take on "crazy white kids" after the Columbine incident. Brillant and timely material. Hope he gives up the Oscar host spot, that is not the place for him in my mind.

4.Richard Pyror- Live On Sunset Strip
The audio version of his famous stand up film. Another dead guy, why do the greats go so young. This is a gem for sure, the Africa bit is standout.

Anyway - The Zapitista leader Subcommandte Marcos and his balaclava are on a tour in Mexico to get the left in order before a Mexican election. Things are changing in South America (see Bolivia), and Marcos is using his profile and his motorcycle to tour Mexico for six months and talk with it's poor.

The launch of the tour coincided with the 12th anniversary of the New Year's Day uprising that put the ragtag indigenous Zapatista Army of National Liberation and their verbally stylish non-indigenous leader on the world map.

Keep your eyes on this - it may flare up as a July presidential campaign is due in Mexico. That seems to be Marcos goal to stir the pot.

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