Tuesday, January 31, 2006

dead sixties

Today, Martin Luther King's wife Coretta died. I am sure she had some good stories. I was thinking if MLK , the Kennedy brothers and some of the other 60's figures had not passed it would have been interesting to see how different the world would be with their influences.

Watch a bit of Dubya's State of the Union with my brother. My bro said that he cannot stand any of the "friends". I asked him, "What the hell are you talking about?" He told me the "friends", Con delee zza (her name works with spaces) Rice, Chaney and Dubya. Killed me, but he was right they are tight and sort of smug all at the same time.

I am watching Rap City's Top Hip Hop of 2005 right now - how can "The Corner" by Common only be number 11? Dead Poets kill it-

The corner was our Rock of Gibraltar, our Stonehenge
Our Taj Mahal, our monument
Our testimonial to freedom, to peace, and to love
Down on the corner.

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