Monday, October 16, 2006

taking hip hop lyrics to a new level

Nas rhymes that "sleep is the cousin of death". (in NY State Of Mind, from his debut, Illmatic)

But I am tired today and I would love to sleep.

Could be that I played road hockey for 3 hours with a bunch of 10 year olds yesterday. I realized that I am 23 year older than them this morning when my back was aching.

But to continue my hip hop is life BS.....

Slum Village rhymed that "if you sleep you don't eat".

And right now I am hungry.

I guess this basically means that I am "not hip hop" because I like to sleep.

anyways - I am in blog idiot mode. I was thinking of Nas after reading this Fader Magazine review of his new album.

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Anonymous said...

The new Nas album sounds like its gonna be another classic. I was wondering if JayZ decided to come back so he could compete against his former rival. Don't sleep.