Tuesday, October 17, 2006

old school

The Hour won a couple Gemini's which is cool. Congrats to George for best host, he works hard that man.

VH1 Hip Hop Honors (spelling) is on MuchMusic - I like this even if it is old school dudes. Mixmaster Mike is cutting up the Beastie Boys right now. I like Mike.

I was listening to some Big Daddy Kane on my way to work yesterday, and realized, the dude never cursed when he rapped. Who made cursing so popular. I am thinking it was N.W.A , although you could dig deeper, they made it popular.

Man, the Beastie are doing Whatcha Want. I like this song. MCA has a lot of grey hair.

This honors stuff kills me , I remember saying to friends, what is it going to be like when LL Cool J is old? They can't keep rhyming. Well I guess they can. (although LL is not really that old) .

I watched the BBC Office and died from laughter and pain. The NBC version is very different, but I am enjoying it equally. I am not sure if anyone saw the episode where Angela made Dwight a bobblehead. Well I bought one in NYC- Dwight is amazing he even has his own blog

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