Thursday, October 12, 2006

only one kid?

So Madonna adopted a young boy from Malawi. I think it is good these super celebs are helping out people, but is adopting this kid, really helping him?

Welcome young boy to your new mommy being chased by cameras. I guess this is better than starvation. I just worry that celebs adopting one child in a continent were millions of children need help, will overshadow.

I am listening to the new K-os record. I cannot explain but for some reason I did not think i would like it, but I am digging it. Dude has a deep understanding of music and has really placed himself into a spot that he can crossover all elements of music. This is the sort of the solo record Andre 3000 should have made.

He is passed Hip Hop giving a shit about him. They complain about Jay-Z making his comeback. I am sure it is only time before he gets a hit on North American record, he has that potential.

Week one of The Hour is almost finished. If every week is like this , they may need to clone the whole crew who work on show.

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