Tuesday, October 31, 2006

erieau halloween treat

Man - I saw my kids candy from Halloween and was thinking that he got all the same kind of stuff- chocolate bars and chips and maybe those rocket candies. Those are all tasty but predictable.

Not to reminise to much but in the little village I grew up in Erieau ( just west of Point Pelee) a few people got creative. This one older women, who everyone called Aunt Betty would make a ton of candy apples. We look so forward to hitting Aunt Betty's. She ruled.

Her neighbour, was known for his skill at making amazing smoked fish (Erieau is a fishing town), and he would give out smoked fish. Sounds very Trailer Park Boys, but everyone hit him up, some people numerous times. My dad always ate ours.

And if you hit the gold mine of a can of pop, that was the best.


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