Monday, January 22, 2007

snurfin' usa

I am on route from Sundance to home. Right now in Denver waiting for a transfer flight . Flying knocks the shit out of me. I think it is the canned air in the vessel.

Sundance was fun, but i was more interested in hitting the mountains with my snowboard, than watching films when I had some down time. I can watch movies in Toronto, I cannot hit mountains in Toronto.

The more I get on a mountain, the more I feel the need to move close to them.

Anyway here is an article about snowboarding, and the sport's success story.
Snurfin to Snowboarding

I also had a friend who lives in Whistler, tell me about another great snowboarding movie that is out celebrating the life of the late pro Craig Kelly. Kelly was an innovator and trendsetter who died in an avalanche in BC a few years back on this day .
The movie is called Let It Ride

The sport would not be what it is today without Kelly.

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