Friday, January 12, 2007


I am writing this from New York in my hotel room. Here shooting for the show. Shot an interview with Def Jam/Phat Farm/Big Wig/Rich Guy, Russell Simmons today, and tomorrow shooting with character actor, James Cromwell (imdb him- he has made so many movies) .

Russell was funny. You see why he is successul, the dude is full of energy and crazy busy.

I like coming to New York, I do a lot of walking in this city. Usually we have a place to be. But in some down time, I usually will cover some ground with the head phones on, like I used to in Toronto.

I cruised by HBO offices earlier today and thought about The Soprano's, got back to the hotel, checked the internet machine to find out that HBO is rolling out 9 final episodes come April. I am excited for this.

We are off to the Sundance Film Fest next week- shoud be an experience. Snow, theatres and celebs.

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