Thursday, February 02, 2006

groundhog day !

gotta say happy birthday to my Uncle Paul MacDonald. Happy 50th!

One of my fav people in the world is my Uncle Paul.. He and my uncle Roger were my mom's youngest brothers, and I used to follow them around and loved it when they let a little kid (me) hang out with them.

When I think of my uncle paul when I was growing up, I think of this big guy with cowboy boots and long hair. I also think about this cool tattoo he has of a prize horse with a ribbon around him. I think of his love of music and his records I used to listen to at my grandparents, (the Highwaymen and Springsteen stand out).

Uncle Paul, is married now with three grown up boys now, and is a great father. Sort of the kind I could only hope to be.

Happy Birthday Uncle Paul- now "kiss the rug!"

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