Sunday, February 19, 2006


just got back from Las Vegas - was there for 6 days- way too many days for Vegas.

I was there for work and did a lot of walking around also. I am not much of a gambler so I hardly lost any money.

We interviewed David Copperfield and took in one of his shows. It started off slow but man did he end it amazingly. He basically teleported to a beach in Singapore before our eyes. Hard to explain yes, go see it when he comes to Canada. Which he is doing soon.

I have been to Vegas a bunch of times, all with work. I am not sure if I would pay to go. Place is cool and fun for a weekend, but by Day 5 and 6, I wanted out. I missed my little guy lots, he was started to walk as I left, and six days away from him and my wife is tough. Oh boo hoo, I know but maybe if i was a card player or high roller it would be different.

We were shooting some stories in Vegas for The Hour, and got some stuff, even stuff off the Vegas Strip. I am tired sorry for the poor update and grammer. I am home for day then off to Whistler, the fam is coming with me for this one! woo hoo!

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