Friday, February 03, 2006

see you J!

A few years back the Toronto Raptors where without Vince Carter and a Antonio Davis led Raptor team made the playoffs. I told my wife, if we made the playoffs it is on AD and I would buy an AD jersey. And I did. Well she bought it for me as a gift. Nice eh.

The next year AD turns into a big of a baby and wants out, and is shipped to Chicago for Jalen Rose. I love Jalen, I am a Michigan fan and he was my favorite player amongst the Fab Five team they had in Michigan.

So today the Raptors shipped Jalen to New York for AD. It is a money thing. Funny how this works. AD is back. My jersey is now activated. Only thing is it has a lot of stains from wearing it camping the past two years. Think bleach will get that out?

I think new interim GM Wayne Embry is doing the right stuff, cleaning house for a new GM to step in and start new around Chris Bosh. Recently fired GM Rob Babcock never had a chance. He made some major bad moves and never recovered.

I will continue to pray for the raps. We need a good team in Toronto.

Good Luck Jalen Rose. You will be missed (clutchness) and not missed (15million a year).

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