Wednesday, February 08, 2006

paul mccartney

I've got nothing against Beatle Paul, but these Fidelity investment television commercials are too much. They are so blantant, when I hear Band On The Run, I think of those damn commercials.

I watched some of the Grammy's tonight. It really has evolved into a series of jam sessions. They pair everybody up, and McCartney was involved in a strange collaboration tonight. He joined Jay-Z and Linkin Park, who recorded a mashup of their records. Jay-z's Black Album was great, but I have not heard the Linkin Park collab record. On one chorus, they changed their chorus to The Beatles, "Yesterday." Out of the shadows comes Beatle Paul.

All I was thinking of was Paul driving around the English countryside blaring Jay-z's, "Can't Knock The Hustle."

Then Christina Aguilera was joined with Herbie Hancock. On the soft parts it was nice but those Christina crazy vocal aerobics overshadowed Herbie.

John Legend won tons and it was much deserved. Get Lifted is a timeless record. I took a camera out one summer day last year and interviewed Legend. He was cool, he loved and understood music. He grew up in church singing.

My favorite part of the Grammy's sadly is when they show all the people involved in music who died the past year. I know it is a weird thing to enjoy, but it shows people young and old connected through music. Bluesman, R.L Burnside died this year he was one of the last true original delta bluesman. I wish R.L recorded more.

Cops and the media are all over the illegal gambling involving some hockey players. It is not right but who is surprised? They named Jeremy Roenick as one of the participates, how come I knew Roenick would be one of the player's named?

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