Sunday, February 12, 2006

ahhhh hip hop

Hip Hop music is the target for negativity. People are always on about how it sucks and has lost it lustre. This may be true but those in the hip hop know that radio hip hop is not representative. So on this note I gotta give props to J Dilla, of Detroit, and Slum Village fame. Althought it will not make the headlines, producer/artist Jay Dee passed away this weekend. He was a favorite of mine. Basically what J put out I got. R.I.P J Dilla. He lived soul music. Artist like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Madlib. Dwele, The Roots, and Common owe much to Jay Dee.

On another hip hop note, I was out a a club with friends and they were playing some of the Notorious B.I.G stuff that is like a Duets record. It is so weak, I cannot believe it got released. I am not a P Diddy hater nor fan, but what I have heard of this BIG duets sucks. Bad

Tomorrow is my son's birthday. This is his first year. I cannot believe it. I never would have thought I would be a dad. It is crazy. He is such a great kid. When my wife was preganant I tried to imagine our kid, and the son I have today is not the kid I imagined, and that is what makes him so awesome. Happy Birthday Buzz!!!!!!!!!!!!

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